Wednesday, September 29, 2004

JPEG Virus...Will this be the next Y2K scare?

Reports are growing regarding the flaw in Microsoft's Jpeg parsing software. Many people have not even heard about it. The flaw is a bufferoverrun that allows someone to execute code. This means that any image you view could contain a virus Quite a bad problem to have considering that nearly everyone uses some form of Microsoft product that reads Jpeg images. If people will update to service pack 2 for XP and download the updates for Office, they should be fine.

However I would also recommend trying something new out. Try out FireFox. FireFox is a great alternative to Internet Explorer. FireFox does not have the Jpeg vulnerability. It's not perfect but I have really grown to like it over IE. Another cool feature of FireFox is its ability to use RSS/XML feeds. Using FireFox you can add this page (which has an RSS feed) to your bookmarks. Then when you access your bookmarks, you can see the newest topics on this page.


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