Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is iTunes changing the way 20-somethings watch TV?

So why are these shows huge hits on iTunes at $1.99 an episode when many of these shows can’t attract viewers for FREE on broadcast TV? Simple. Younger viewers, college students, largely, are finding iTunes’ “On-Demand” style of television viewing fits their hectic schedule better than appointment TV

I tend to agree. I watch a lot of TV when I have nothing better to do but I often have to find a copy of my favorite shows as I frequently am busy either working or out with friends when prime time hits. If I had the cash and desire a Tivo would be a perfect device for me. I believe that these on-demand models are the future for television. Not only do these models allow the television companies to better track popularity they also allow much more targeted advertising. I personally hate advertising but I understand that it essentially runs our economy and so I accept it. When I can I avoid it and like most people I tune it out. Unless I am looking for a specific product it is very very rare that I ever see an ad or commercial that makes me stop and say "huh" and consider even buying the product.

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