Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A letter to Scifi - WTF is with this ECW show?

Why does Scifi carry this show? Its clearly labeled on your site as "sports-entertainment" a label that I believe is inaccurate. I find this show repulsive and I want to turn the TV off every time a commercial for it comes on. I can't see how the show fits into the Scifi network. It brings down great shows like the new Painkiller Jane series (which is awesome so far), the Stargate shows and Eureka. This show is silly, stupid and pointless. While many might categorize most television as such the truth is that this show is a joke. How does this show fit the Scifi theme? I watch Scifi daily but I refuse to watch this show. Does this show draw a loyal repeat audience for other shows that Scifi carries? I can't see a correlation between ECW and any other programming that Scifi currently carries. It concerns me that the network might be headed in a different direction. Granted Scifi caters to a niche audience who can be difficult read but I feel that this is the type of program that will gain short term viewers but ostracize your primary viewing audience and result in a long term drop in viewer loyalty. If you can, please explain to me why you keep this show on the air.


We'll see if they respond. I'll post the response here. Sent to: feedback@scifi.com

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