Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So long iPod meet MediaMaster

I've managed a large amount of my life and my data online for a long time and Google has bolstered this trend with a great number of handy web based applications. My favorites include Gmail, Google Notebook and Google Bookmarks. Not to mention the ever handy Google Docs and Calendar. It just so happens that today I discovered another application that will join this list and is not from Google. Meet I'm still testing out the site but they take uploads of almost any form of digital music and allow you to store, play, organize and stream your music collection. Currently the service has no limit on the amount you can upload but it is still in beta. You can also publish your music. I haven't finished uploading music yet so I'll have to play around with some of the other features and post a final review later but for the office bound computer junkie who is tired of carrying an iPod or can't afford one this appears to be an excellent method of taking your music to any computer no matter where you are. For those of us with more than one PC this is a great option. The social networking implications of this site are very interesting and I have a feeling that if they can monetize the site correctly while keeping it either free or low cost they may become a very major player.

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Frank R said...

Thanks for the encouraging words! I am the UI Designer for MediaMaster and can tell you that we're definitely soaking in all the feedback - positive and critical - that we can find. I'm looking forward to reading your final review...and smoothing out some of the bumps that I know you'll find :-)