Monday, April 09, 2007

Spell check the bane of bloggers

I've been reading a lot of different blogs lately. While I enjoy the information and feel that blogging is an excellent way to communicate I've been frustrated by a trend I've noticed recently. This trend involves people posting without re-reading what they post. A blog I just finished reading had phrases like "it will be a good thing to you." and "Talking about Link Exchange, It remains me". In the second phrase I believe from the context that writer meant to say "reminds." Perhaps this is just a result of being raised by an excellent father who happened to be a writer/editor or a result of the many college papers I've written. My frustration is that that with the advent of spell checkers everywhere it has become clear that people no longer read what they write, instead they just run spell check and forget about it. Perhaps this is also because many of the people on the internet speak/write more than one language and English is not their first language. Now I know that my writing is far from perfect but I feel that people should make an effort to use correct grammar not just correct spelling. Ah the perils of modern technology.

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