Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer

Crazy MAC lovers!

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer | The Register: "Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer
'Deliberately drove' at Methodist congregation
By Lester Haines → More by this author
Published Tuesday 24th July 2007 08:49 GMT
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A 58-year-old woman is in an Auckland hospital with 'life threatening' injuries after being hit by car as she left the city's Methodist Mission Church, 3 News reports.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly 'deliberately drove' at the church after jumping several red lights at speed, narrowly missing several pedestrians. Witnesses report seeing the car approaching from a distance of half a kilometre on the wrong side of the road before accelerating towards its target.

Jade Andrews said: 'He sped up and I quickly shut my door and jumped out of the way because he nearly clipped me.'

The impact with the church - described as sounding like a bomb going off - sprayed the exiting congregation with broken glass. Survivor Rosa Kim recounted: 'We heard the sounds of the impact of the crashed glass. I got a sore nose. She [the victim] moaned from the pain.'

The driver was 'injured but conscious', and as police attempted to extricate him from his motor, he 'clutched his laptop computer and screamed the name of Apple's CEO Steve Jobs'. A fireman later told 3 News "

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