Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is FriendFeed Doomed?

Is FriendFeed Doomed? | sarahintampa: "Facebook and Google realize that people are tired of filling out profile after profile, uploading user picture after user picture, connecting to friend after friend… on site after site after site. In “the real world”, we have one social graph of our friends and one identity. Both are centrally located in our brain. We block and expose different facets of our identity to different parts of our graph. This is how the web should, and will, work. Google and Facebook want to be our digital, social brains.
And so it is that those two have launched efforts to allow their users to transport the graphs that they’ve built from within their walled gardens onto the wider Internet. If they succeed in this, Facebook and Google (or whichever wins over the other) will have succeeded in becoming the one-stop shops for your online identity. When you visit a website, you’ll no longer have to create your identity — Facebook or Google will load it for you. You’ll be able to concentrate on leveraging your identity in the context of the website you’re visiting and the services it provides."


Freddy Nager said...

What if I have multiple personalities?

NullVariable said...

Well the internet has always been a great place for that...you know that hot chick you're talking to could turn out to be a guy!