Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Self Portrait for May

So I've enjoyed using Google's Web Search History despite the potential privacy implications. I honestly don't do or search for anything that I wouldn't do if someone was looking over my shoulder. And if I did it wouldn't be from my home computer ;). So I was poking around in it today and started checking out my trends. It gives a very interesting look at what I do with my time and how much I use Google. I've been letting Google track (and associate with me) what I search since June 27th, 2005! Heres some quick stats from the last 30 days:

Approximate number of searches: 475
Day of the week with most searches: Wednesday (94 total over 30 days)
Day of the week with least searches: Sunday (32)
The hour of the day with the most searches: 12pm (63)
Hour with the least: 3am and 6am with zero

Top search queries for my last 30 days:

Top visited sites (from search results):

So if you've read this far you're probably curious why I feel that these trends are in effect. All of the sites in the top 10 searches except for YouTube and Wikipedia are work related. I am always checking terms, looking at code samples and seeing if I'm doing things the right way! I think Wikipedia and YouTube are fairly self explanatory. As far as top search queries, I did a lot of searches on the TSA when I wrote my post "The TSA, Digg and the future of the Internet(s)." I've been working a lot on an ecommerce website using the ubercart frame work which explains several of my most searched terms. My brother and I have gone to see Indiana Jones, Iron Man and Prince Caspian this month thus the movie times search! On a side note the ending for Indiana Jones was missing something (still can't put my finger on it), Iron Man is every bit as good as the reviews and Prince Caspian was really good! The slip is a new Nine Inch Nails album, available for free download, several of my friends hadn't heard it and so I eagerly shared the link with them. I'm a big fan of this method of getting music out there! Gravatars! Cool little global avatars, now found built in to WordPress but a new discovery for me. I now have one!

So if you are interested and have Google Search History enabled take a look! You might find out some interesting things. Some things could scare you, some could be enlightening. I found it very interesting to see what times of day and the days of week that I do the most searching and I intend to keep notes on this and examine the trend more.

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Katriel said...

That's very interesting! I'll have to go and see what my household have been looking up, I hope I don't find any gay porn like you found.... just kidding :)