Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Shortage of Posts

Sorry there have been no updates recently. I have been swamped with two new jobs and school work of late. Hopefully I can continue the writting at some future point. Until then feel free to show your support and desire for my return be emailing me. my email address is: nullvariable At gmail dot com.


Darnell Clayton said...

Selah and God bless!

Blogging is like outer space. Although there may be spiritual life in your corner of the internet universe, blogging as a whole is mostly divided by personal interests and/or political ideals.

That is why I find it encouraging to find bloggers like you who still dedicate their internet sites to the Creator above. I was rather inspired and created a team blog called One Spirit in order to keep track of the believers out there in the blogosphere. I added you to it's blog roll, but if you do desire not to be on it you can email me and I will take it off.

If anyone desires to be apart of this team blog (in other words post on it besides me) simply email me and I will add you to the team blog list. You can use it to discuss anything from God, to prayer concerns, to whatever. And if you know any other belivers out there let me know. Selah!

Stacey Michelle said...

You have 2 jobs and your going to school? I pray that you can keep up your energy! I've have been there and done that.